UK Clinics

Harley street sign, London, England

Face to face

These clinics are designed to  provide a more relaxed experience outside of the hospital setting.

Face to face consultations are available at:

  • Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK
  • 2 Harley Street, London CLOSED
  • 12 Church Street, Coggeshall, Essex CLOSED

WhatsApp Video/Phone/Zoom

Video and phone based consultations are now most popular and often work if you live a long way away and cannot travel.

Home Visits

These may be available if you are within 1 hour car journey of Bury St Edmunds and you are unable to come to the clinic. A 45p per mile travel expense will be charged.

Fee’s from April 2023:

Consultations  last ~60-90 minutes and include a detailed letter report back to yourself and your Doctors.

  • Initial Appointment: £110.00
  • Follow-up appointment: £100:00

Health Insurance

Please call your provider before contacting me to check that you will be covered. Please ask how many sessions they will cover and what their pre-authorisation number is.  I require this before our first consultation.


AXA- online appointment only

Please contact me to enquire further.